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At Gammon and Associates in Maryland, we offer coaching services for independent financial advisors, independent insurance agents, and small business entrepreneurs. We assist them in crafting efficient business strategies which will achieve and surpass their goals.

William Gammon is an accomplished senior executive, advisor, and thought leader with more than 50 years of leadership experience in securities, insurance and airline industries. His broad areas of expertise include:

  • Replacing Bad Habits with Winning Strategies
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Implementing Repeatable Processes

Why Choose Us


To give you an idea of what our coaching sessions will be about, we offer 30-minute consultations that are free from any charges.

Free Initial Strategy Session


We will work closely with you so we can get a good grasp of your goals. This enables us to come up with personalized solutions that meet your needs.

Personalized Approach



Brian B.

“I have been thoroughly pleased with Mr. Gammon. He continues to provide seasoned coaching, guidance and advice that has enabled me to successfully navigate several private and professional crossroads. He values my time, is earnest and invariably achieves results.

To others seeking his service:
I would describe William Gammon as Savannah meets Oxford.

He has the charm of a southern gentlemen with great wisdom and business acumen. I have achieved greater than expected results more quickly and with much less personal effort than anticipated.

I am accustomed to working with fast paced, high energy people that either “pull” you along with them or others that “push” you. These efforts come at a price, typically exhausting those involved and providing an environment where you exist, not thrive.

The internet is flooded with advisors. Many of these people are stepping stones, with singular talents or messages. Mr. Gammon is one of the rare destination advisors.”